Friday, September 9, 2016

Sons of Good Earth

I enjoyed watching the film Sons of Good Earth directed by King Hu.  Even though it touched base on a serious situation China was facing at the time, there were still moments of humor included into the film.  I found that it helped make the mood a little bit light-hearted and the content was easier to digest for the viewers.  The duality of some of the Chinese people who worked under the Japanese but still tried to help their fellow Chinese was very inspiring.  It helped recognize the courage of the those few that were probably never celebrated after the occupation.
I did think that the fight choreography could've used more work but the story and characters helped make the film successful.  Especially since this is one of King Hu's earlier films and he is still getting to know the cinematics it didn't bother me as much that the martial arts portion lacked an intense sequence.Image result for sons of good earth king huImage result for sons of good earth king hu

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