Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Come Drink with Me

In the movie Come Drink with Me the protagonist, Golden Swallow, is a female.  She is introduced to us as being someone of excellent skills and is even able to defeat some of the male characters.  Her empowerment is pretty groundbreaking for a film especially one released in 1966.  Golden Swallow's empowerment is shown, but only to a certain degree.  There are moments where she is still treated as a 'damsel in distress' by Fan Da-Pei.  For example, when she first infiltrates the bandits hideout, Fan Da-Pei is secretly in the shadows giving her assistance as she fights the bandits.  On top of that, Golden Swallow would have never known the whereabouts of the bandits if it wasn't for Fan Da-Pei tipping her off.  Another example would be when Golden Swallow is shot with one of the poison darts from the bandits.  Fan Da-Pei nurses her back to help and even protects her while she is still ill.  Throughout the film we do see Golden Swallow as an empowered female, but at the same time we also see Fan Da-Pei taking care of her.
Another thing that I thought was interesting was how the character Jade Faced Tiger was presented.  He was always clothed in white and even his face was stark white.  White is usually the color that represents purity and in a sense the good side.  When I think about color symbolism I automatically think of Yin and Yang.  If you think in terms of Yin and Yang, the color black represents Yin which is the dark side and white represents Yang which is the light side.  I think it was ironic that Jade Faced Tiger was the complete opposite of how he was shown.  And I wonder if the choice of his character design was purposely put there to show that sort of irony.

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