Friday, November 18, 2016

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

After watching the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon I noticed quite a few elements that drew on inspiration from King Hu's films.  One of them was the bamboo forest fight sequence where Jen and Li Mu Bai are gracefully gliding through the trees.  That particular scene is similar to the bamboo scene from A Touch of Zen.  In A Touch of Zen we saw the characters run along the base of the bamboo trees to the top and then dive down from the top of the three to attack. Similarly in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, we see the characters run along to the top of the bamboo trees. However, they stay suspended among the tops branches and fight in the air not the ground. Li Mu Bai did do some sort of dive attack against Jen, as the branches bent towards the ground and they continued to cross swords. That sequence was characteristic of King Hu's diving attack scenes he filmed.Image result for crouching tiger hidden dragon

Friday, November 4, 2016

Legend of the Mountain

I thought Legend of the Mountain was an interesting movie because it drew from a genre so different from martial arts.  I could tell that King Hu was experimenting with different effects and techniques.  Like for example, the yellow smoke, the flashes in the ending scenes, and also the sequences where Ho is in a trance from the drumming.  It's was interesting to see King Hu implement those kinds of techniques into the movie.  There was also a very strong representation of instruments in the movie.  Practically all the ghosts played an instrument.  There was the flutist, Melody played the drums and there were also handheld drums and cymbals included in the film as well.  I wonder if that was a purposeful representation, to include so many instruments into the film.  Meaning that King Hu included instruments to help build on that mystical legend ghost story.  Or if it was for experimental purposes, so that he could experiment with sound manipulation and try new techniques in creating sound throughout the film with the different instruments.