Friday, September 23, 2016

Dragon Gate Inn

In Come Drink With Me, I really liked the playful representations the characters skills.  Like when the bowl of stew was thrown across the inn and landed perfectly in front of the soldier.  And during one of the skirmishes where Hsiao catches the arrow and then reshoots it through the glass pot.  Or in the scene where Yu Chien's daughter demands the wine from the other soldier.  She is able to catch the sword easily when he tries to stab her.  Although the scene is dealing with a serious situation where Yu Chien's daughter is being threatened to be killed, it's played off as almost comical.  I thought those little touches of playful skill demonstrations made the fight sequences more interesting and made the characters more fun to watch. Although what they were fighting for was a serious kind of conflict, I think adding a touch of those kinds of interesting sequences helped to develop the scenes even more.  It keeps the audience interested and entertained without taking away from the plot. 

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