Friday, October 21, 2016

The Valiant Ones

In the movie The Valiant Ones I am beginning to notice the way King Hu displays death or injuries in his films.  Like for example, when the character Wu Re-shi was violently hit in the head with the blade during the last fight.  That sequence was actually slightly humorous because she was accidently hit, only because someone moved away at the last minute.  Or even the dramatic ending to the fight where Hakatatsu is decapitated and everyone ends up dying.  All these sequences deal with a serious topic, death, but King Hu adds a twist to it.  He does glorify and exaggerates the sequences where characters die, but at the same time the deaths are slightly humorous.  It makes it easier for the audience to watch as characters die and doesn't allow you to get fully absorbed by their passing.  I kind of like his sight twist on how he displays death.  For me, it's a different kind of experience when I'm watching characters get hurt or die.  It sort of reminds me that this is fiction and it keeps me more uplifted.

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