Thursday, December 15, 2016

Painted Skin

After watching King Hu's film Painted Skin I realized what I enjoy about his films.  Usually King Hu inserts certain comical aspects into his films and that's one of the elements that I really enjoy.  I felt that this film was a little bit more on the serious side.  It was an interesting story and artistically I did enjoy other aspects, but I felt it lacked that light hearted feature that King Hu seems to insert.  I did like the scene where Taoist Master is battling the Yin-Yang King.  I thought the choreography the Taoist Master had with his staff moved fluidly and the magical attacks they launched at one another ended in the iconic smoke screen.  I also liked the field of peach trees.  I thought it was a nice element because it was a desolate place and the trees were bare.  It kind of helped to bring the plot over to the next section with the addition of the Taoist Master.

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